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Our exhibits highlight local island history, the Epworth By The Sea property history, John and Charles Wesley in England and Georgia, the formation and historical progression of the United Methodist Church, Kenneth S. Wyatt paintings of the Apostles, an extensive international nativity display housed in a larger space and on display year-round, our beloved museum founder Bishop Arthur J. Moore's story 

and artifacts, and much more.


An entertaining and informative movie regaling the history of St. Simons Island from its Native American occupation to the modern era is on continuous play for your enjoyment.  Accompanying exhibits feature Charles Wesley's brief time on the island serving General James Oglethorpe and the colonists, Susie King Taylor and her life as a slave turned educator, and the history of the Epworth By The Sea property including its Hamilton Plantation period, the lumber mill period, Lewis family farm days, and subsequently Bishop Moore and the Pioneers' 1949 purchase and formation of the land for use as a Methodist retreat and conference center.


Susan Duke Waters, artist and Methodist from Rockmart, Georgia, created this stunning exhibit featuring life-sized, papier-mache nativity scenes. From the journey to Bethlehem to Jesus's birth in the manger, experience this stunning artistic creation. Stand in amazement with the shepherds at the angels heralding the new king's birth and travel with the wise men as they follow the foretold star. The Rotunda also features the breathtaking 8'x5' painting entitled Christ After Chaos by the famed American painter Howard Chandler Christy. This painting was a cherished feature in Bishop Moore's office at the Methodist Church Board of Missions.


Beginning with the origins of the Methodist movement in the Wesley house at Epworth and the creation of the Holy Club to John and Charles's time in Georgia and Methodist Aid Societies, see how the denomination started in England. See and hear how Methodism spread throughout America. Listen to an inspiring two-minute excerpt from an original Bishop Moore sermon. Exhibits highlight the formation and history of the United Methodist Church including the circuit riders who spread the word from church to church by horseback, Francis Asbury and Thomas Coke who were ordained as the first bishops in America, and many more key figures in Methodist history. Artist Kenneth Wyatt's magnificent paintings of Jesus and the Apostles are found here.


This beautiful Italian nativity is just one of the many nativities in our vast international collection now housed in its new, larger exhibit room and on display permanently.


The Strickland Wing of the museum houses artifacts previously belonging to United Methodist Church bishops. The Bishop's Room highlights the significance of the role of a Bishop in the UMC.


The United Methodist Church has a long history of intelligent, hardworking women. The efforts of Mary Culler White and her fellow missionaries, deaconesses, and members of the United Methodist Women organization are heralded 

in these exhibits.

Historically Black Churches, Their Clergy and Members

Enjoy this new exhibit demonstrating the fundamental role people of color have taken in the formation of the United Methodist Church. Starting in the 1700s with Harry Hoosier and ending in our present-day with the election of the first female, black bishop in the Southeastern Jurisdiction, Sharma Lewis, learn about the struggles of the past and ongoing work in the African-American community to support the Methodist movement.