Our exhibits tell the story of Epworth by the Sea, John and Charles Wesley, and the United Methodist Church.

Epworth by the Sea Heritage

This room tells the story of the Hamilton Plantation and the beginnings of Epworth by the Sea.

Wesley Rotunda

Our rotunda tells the story of John Wesley from his childhood in England to his conversion at Aldersgate in London. 

Methodism in America

The Methodist Church started in America and in this room you will find the story of the Christmas Conference along with some notable figures in Methodist History. 

Bishops in the United Methodist Church

The artifacts in this room all belonged to Bishops of the United Methodist Church. This room highlights the significance of the role of a Bishop in the UMC.

Women in the United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church has a long history of strong women and this room tells the story of them.

World Nativities

This Alaskan Nativity is just one the many Nativities in our collection, which features scenes from Kenya, Japan, Peru, and many other countries. 

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